Consultation (Before GST)

First Consultation $145.00 to $220.00
Subsequent Consultation $85.00 to $160.00

Vision Correction Surgery

Service Before GST After GST
Pre-LASIK Assessment $100.00 to $150.00 $108.00 to $162.00
Soft-touch PRK (Both eyes) $3,388.00 $3,629.04
Soft -touch PRK (One eye) $1,848.00 $1,995.84
With Mitomycin for one or both eyes (If required) $70.00 $75.60
ReLEx® SMILE (Both eyes) $4,988.00 $5,387.04
ReLEx® SMILE (One eye) $2,728.00 $2,946.24
Intralase Amaris LASIK (Both eyes) $3,588.00 $3,875.04
Intralase Amaris LASIK (One eye) $1,948.00 $2,103.84
TransPRK (No-touch EpiLASIK) (Both eyes) $3,588.00 $3,875.04
TransPRK (No-touch EpiLASIK) (One eye) $1,948.00 $2,103.84
With Mitomycin for one or both eyes (if required) $70.00 $75.60
Xtra Treatment CXL (Both eyes) $1,150.00 $1,242.00
Xtra Treatment CXL (One eyes) $800.00 $864.00
(Collagen cross-linking to strengthen cornea, performed in conjunction with surgery)
Estimated Cost of Medication From $71.50 $77.22
Medical Report (when needed) $135.00 $145.80

Our LASIK Packages include:

● Day 1, Week 1 and Month 1 reviews
● Surgery by Senior Eye Surgeon
● Surgical fees for enhancement will be waived within the first 3 years. However, surgical consumables are chargeable at an estimated cost $380 per eye ($410.40 after GST), excluding medications.

LASIK prices are subject to change without prior notice and are accurate at the time of publishing.

Other Services

Pre-op Measurement (Biometry) From $350.00
Cataract surgery (Monofocal lens implant) From $6,570.00
Removal of corneal/ conjunctival foreign body From $120 - $150
Cornea collagen Cross-linking treatment for keratoconus (1 eye) From $2500
Suture removal From $80 - $180
Incision & Drainage of Chalazion From $350

*Prices are subject to GST


We accept Cash, Major credit cards and Nets.

Medisave (for local patients)

Medically indicated procedures such as cataract surgery, lasers (excluding LASIK) and injections can be

submitted for approval by the CPF Board.

For surgery or admissions, Medisave claims will be processed by the admitting hospital.

Our clinic is also Medisave accredited for minor procedures.


We accept all patients, with or without insurance plans. Additionally, we are on the specialist panels
with the following company plans on specific branches.

Note: These Health Networks / Insurance Plans do not cover visits related to LASIK.


AVIVA PCPAXA ClinicareNTUC Income I-Medicare

Fullerton Healthcare


Alliance Healthcare

Prudential Pru Priority PlusGEL SupremecareAXA Medismart / InternationalNTUC Income I-Medicare




Parkway Health Medixchange

If your insurance plan is not listed here, kindly check your insurance coverage with your agent or company.