Our Technologies

IntraLase FS Laser

How does IntraLase Technology contribute to LASIK success?

The IntraLase™ FS Laser delivers:

  • Predictable flap architecture.
  • Customizable flap design.
  • High safety profile.
  • 150Hz laser speed for fast flap creation.

The system allows good control and accuracy in creating thin and uniquely shaped corneal incisions. Through its all-laser approach, IntraLase™ achieves good visual outcomes, as well as accurate and precise vision correction, bringing safety and assurance to vision-correction surgery.


Wavelight Allegretto Wave System

The WaveLight Allegretto Wave System ensures high precision and safety for optimal treatment results through the following:

  • Wavefront and Topography-guided laser ablation options.
  • Active and fast infrared eye tracker. Compensates for eye movements.
  • NeuroTrack system for reduction of eye rotation during surgery.
  • PerfectPulse Technology® for smoother surface quality after laser.
  • 400Hz laser speed for fast and predictable treatment outcomes.
  • Thermally optimized pulse pattern prevents corneal over-heating.

This is used for PRK and LASIK Surgery.



The SCHWIND AMARIS laser systems offer you the leading technology for your treatment providing excellence in all important aspects such as speed, precision, safety and comfort.

SCHWIND AMARIS laser delivers:

  • Maximal precision – minimal treatment time is due to very high ablation speed, automatic energy level adjustment
  • Multi-dimensional tracking system which is safe and reliable through compensation of the slightest eye movements
  • Very smooth corneal surfaces
  • Gentle tissue ablation due to intelligent thermal control system
  • Constant measurement of corneal thickness

Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL)

Our clinic uses Visian ICL technology and is able to correct nearsightedness (-0.5 to -18.0 diopters (D)), the reduction of nearsightedness with up to -20 diopters (D), and treatment of astigmatism from +0.5D to +6D.

KXL® System

The KXL® System achieves Accelerated Cross-Linking in just minutes by increasing the UVA power and reducing the exposure time while maintaining the same total energy on the eye as standard cross-linking.

Procedures performed with the KXL System include LASIK Xtra®. These procedures have the potential to:

  • Enhance LASIK surgery outcomes
  • Restore corneal strength
  • Halt progression of keratoconus and ectasia
  • Slow or eliminate the development of acute keratoconus



VisualMAX® is a femtosecond laser that ensures high-level reproducibility and predictability, even with high corrections. Its outstanding cutting precision, exceptional speed and gentle treatment approach make it an ideal platform for advanced corneal surgery applications like SMILE.

SMILE uses VisualMAX® and it delivers:

  • High-precision flaps
  • High reproducibility and flap thickness consistency
  • Easy flap repositioning
  • Smooth stromal bed surfaces