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What is LASIK Xtra™?

LASIK Xtra™ is the LASIK procedure enhanced with an add-on corneal strengthening procedure (collagen cross-linking). During LASIK, the excimer laser sculpts the cornea in order to correct refractive errors like myopia and astigmatism. Therefore, those with a higher degree of spectacle power correction would require a proportionately greater amount of cornea tissue removal by the laser. Rarely, thin and weakened corneas may progressively bulge forward, a condition called corneal ectasia. LASIK Xtra™ is postulated to reduce this risk by strengthening the cornea and at the same time stabilizing the resultant degree of the LASIK treatment.  Collagen cross-linking (or the “Xtra” component of LASIK Xtra) may also be combined with other laser vision correction surgeries like PRK, EpiLASIK and SMILE.

KXL Cross-linking

Who should go for it?

    • Patients being corrected for high degrees of Myopia/ Hyperopia/ Astigmatism
    • Borderline residual bed thickness
    • Patients with corneas that have unusual features
    • Patients with family history of keratoconus
    • Any patients who wish to improve the stability of their laser vision correction surgery

And, if you are a candidate for LASIK/TransPRK/ EpiLASIK/ SMILE, you are also likely a candidate for Xtra™ treatment too.

Benefits of Having Xtra™ Treatment

See Strong
Incorporating Xtra™ treatment into your laser procedure improves the mechanical stability of the cornea.

Lock-in the Prescription
Adding Xtra™  treatment may extend the longevity of your laser procedure and could eliminate the need for touch-up procedures, reducing the risk of long-term changes to your vision.

Improve Procedure Accuracy
LASIK Xtra™ can help reduce over- or undercorrection of your laser vision correction procedure.

Safe, Convenient and Reliable

  • Fast – adds only 3 minutes to your laser procedure
  • Performed during your LASIK procedure
  • No further lasering is done during the treatment

The Xtra™ Treatment Procedure

Xtra™ treatment involves the use of riboflavin (Vitamin B2) eyedrops. Straight after LASIK/ Soft-touch PRK/ TransPRK/ SMILE, the riboflavin drops are applied to the cornea and ultraviolet light is applied on the cornea for about 45-60 seconds. The entire process only adds about 3 minutes to the LASIK procedure.