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About Us

We are pleased to announce W Eye Clinic, managed by Eye & Retina Surgeons as the latest addition to our group in 2024.

Eye & Retina Surgeons is a specialist eye practice which brings together 11 of Singapore’s established ophthalmologists in providing quality eye care. Eye & Retina Surgeons was founded in 2007 as an eye specialist clinic with a focus on the field of surgical and medical retina.

Over the years, other subspeciality of ophthalmology was developed with new partners and technologies added to our practice. This led to the sub-speciality services, Eye & Aesthetic Surgeons (EAS) which looks after oculoplastic, eyelid and orbital problems, Eye & Cornea Surgeons (ECS) where corneal treatments and surgeries are offered and Eye & Glaucoma Surgeons (EGS) to cater those with glaucoma disease.

ERS Cataract Centre was launched as a one stop comprehensive cataract assessment and surgical service providing the best possible results and visual outcomes with all types of cataracts.

Our mission statement encapsulates what differentiates us from others: to Enhance, Restore & Sustain your vision.

Why choose W Eye Clinic

Dedication, Experience, and Technology. These three factors are highly
important when it comes to choosing who will perform your eye surgery.

Our Ethos

  • To treat our patients with the highest level of respect and care.
  • To nurture our people.
  • To provide quality specialist eye care with the highest level of safety and professionalism.

How We Do It

  • By engaging our patients in dialogue to understand their needs as a person.
  • By providing patient education to a level required by the patient.