About Us

At W Eye Clinic, we place great emphasis on patient care starting with thorough checks to determine the best procedure and treatment for patient's desired lifestyle and needs.

Opened in July 2013 and located in Suntec City Mall, W Eye Clinic is a private eye care facility that offers LASIK, Soft-touch PRK, TransPRK, SMILE, Intra-Ocular Lens Implants, and other comprehensive eye care services.

Headed by Medical Director, Dr Gerard Nah, and supported by a resident team of surgical nurses and optometrists, W Eye Clinic prides itself in recommending bespoke treatments, tailored according to every individual’s lifestyle and expectations to achieve optimal vision performance.

Why choose W Eye Clinic

Dedication, Experience, and Technology. These three factors are highly
important when it comes to choosing who will perform your eye surgery.

Our Ethos

  • To treat our patients with the highest level of respect and care.
  • To nurture our people.
  • To provide quality specialist eye care with the highest level of safety and professionalism.

How We Do It

  • By engaging our patients in dialogue to understand their needs as a person.
  • By providing patient education to a level required by the patient.

Our Corporate Statement

W Eye Clinic aims to set itself apart by...

becoming a new benchmark for LASIK and Specialist Eye Care in Singapore by fusing the practice of Performance Medicine with Ophthalmology.

Performance medicine is a term used to describe the philosophy of using medicine to protect, sustain, restore or even enhance the body’s function to the maximum possible level in order to return the individual to his full capacity or beyond, in as short a time as possible.

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